No message

This artwork questions the idea of art as a form of interrogation of habitual patterns.
 Art is not a mode of questioning. To make it so is to rob it of its status as otherworldly form within the worldliness of things. You wouldn’t greet an indigenous culture with hello and thanks for your role as questioning my habitual patterns of living. It may have that effect on you but to introduce the culture within this hierarchical framework is literally madness. I’m not sure art has a role or a message. This is how it frees us from the hegemony of habitual patterns and traumas of thingness accelerated by digital cultures effective dissemination of pure functionality.

Digital culture can be used effectively e.g. showing patterns of bowling deliveries in a test match but its rather less wholesome when defining identity. Unclasping from linguistic meaning is what art does best. This functions by leaving a vestige of the linguistic striation and offering a simultaneous nomadic freedom from its fixity. By operating on an aesthetic level at the same time as literal we are kept in touch with our sacred ability to imagine and feel meaning. This occurred to me, when after a longer break than I would have liked I went on an artists date. This is when you put aside time to become unencumbered and visit something. I tend to visit galleries but it doesn’t have to be. I realised in the early stages of committing to this process that I was feeling a sense of elation at the end of it. Well actually even at the beginning of the process.

Today I realised this was because I had allowed myself to enter life on the frequency of affect or aesthetic. Everything around me becomes imbued with meaning precisely because the habitual process of “reading” the world is interrupted. The signs and labels that usually hover over my visual experience are banished as a felt experience takes over. Meaning in this sense is everywhere if the linguistic or cognitive meaning is filtered out of perhaps turned down to a background level instead of being at the forefront of my engagement. This cognitive labelling seems to me to be the default setting for modern life and at the heart of segregation and reductionism. Countries, religions ideologies are all subject to the egos reliance on these forms, which tidy life into a state of things because things are far more effectively controlled than ambiguous drops of experience.


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