Saturday, 28 February 2015

All right Alright

And then looking up at the golden arches
A thought didst cross his mind
But what if he thought
What if this is all alright
All right
Big Mac meals with black coffee
Jobs for all
Increased production
Scratch card prizes all round
This works if we stick to the plan
Instead of sticking it to the man
All of this makes perfect sense
Flat screen Nirvāna on chunky sofa
Skinny tie chic with tassled loafer
But the light is fading
He tries to re-conjure the pros
To living the dream
Or is that the wrong way around?
Salty french fries and
Perpetual economic growth with
Job creation and finally
Separation perfected
Life no longer unrefined
Nothing unfiltered or undesigned
Families happy with their meal
As peeling somehow loses its appeal
Yes lo he thought
What if this is all alright
All right. All right.

Monday, 9 February 2015

this and that

And and and and this this this
Or or our or that that that
I am asking myself
Is the issue the same issue
Over and over and let over
In our intellectual exuberance
We have pulled the legs off one by one
Then when someone makes a dumb show
Of what putting them back on
Might be like we release polite gasps
Oh that is what the feeling might be like
Artists talking about Velazquez
As if that relays a transmissible quality
Yes yes yes yes yes is is is indeed
These guys the guys guys of guys
Knew those ones etcetera
I I I I I sorority
Robert smudging Smithson
Are you ingested in ability
Are you interested in archiology? 
A voice like watching snow melt
Do drop do do drop
Psyche Mikey crikeydo
The levels the levels
Threshold what about now?
Language is a patriarchal structure
This limited framework is one you are evading
The vision of the absurd, 
Be clear about your intention to not be clear about your intentions
Specific ity
Specific ity
Igmar B ergment film

First and foremost we want to be seen as intelligent

We Shape Our Tools

You know I don't smoke anymore
And I need something to fill the hole
Take away my gnaw
My gnawing doubts
The ones that come on in bouts
Put me back or there abouts

There's that chap with the latest phone again
I saw him on the platform this morning
Back there in uncanny town
Now he's on his way back home
Same downcast look on his face
Saying this phone isn't smart enough
Won't give me enough love

Oh now yeah it's true
I'd tell you the same but you already knew
What you wanted to know
We're a couple of pals
Asleep in the back
The roof is down
We're alright because
We shape our tools
And our tools shape us

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tabula Rasa


Just now this space
Just here was a
Perfect and perfectly
Adequate piece
Of Lovely blue white
Until you came along
And started reading
Those splodges of
Liquified pigment
Which by now I know
Have set and dried
Leaving a semblance
Of intention and forward
for all I know
Was there all along
We can’t go back
So you’ll have to take
My word for it

Love is Isis is

Well Isis are a bunch of ignorant fuckers and your instinct is to annihilate them. Wow wipe them out right? Well guess what I'm pretty sure that is the response they were hoping for when they burned a man alive in a cage. We've been having a very civilised debate about freedom of speech round these parts since they gunned down some cartoonists. There's a pattern here. The destruction of twin towers was a media spectacle not a comment on skyscrapers or unsustainable models of usury. These elements were part of the symbolism but not the debate. Al Qaeda are not a debating society no matter how hard we try and turn their slaughter of people into sense. Their actions are disruptive not logical and yet we, the West - the occident, somehow feel that there is a simple framework of cause and effect to be extracted. This can be distilled to an “eye for an eye”. Kurt Vonnegut spoke about the law of Hammurabi that somehow still grips our collective thinking today. The rule of an eye for an eye makes for a good Cowboy film but perhaps not such a developed civilised society. For a start did you know that this ancient Babylonian law only applied to the eyes of nobles. Damaging the eye of a servant could be simply paid for with money. Likewise "if a man strike a free-born woman so that she lose her unborn child, he shall pay ten shekels for her loss." The point here is that this paradigm is held up as an essential state but it was never seen as such even by the King who had it carved in stone. The pursuit of revenge sells cinema tickets but does not solve global terrorist issues.
So what is the alternative? I mean you can’t negotiate with terrorists and you musn’t show weakness. But should we continue to meet chaos with chaos? I'm not saying we need to be neoliberal touchy feely types but even on a basic, game of chess level, screaming for revenge is not the most reasoned response. Perhaps we could ask what would evolved humans do? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps we need to accept that Isis is Charlie. I mean we are all responsible. We all chose to accept that society is a realm of dog eat dog and that profit is the bottom line. We neglect our inner lives and this forces it out in a very ugly form. When he spoke of alienated jihadist wankers Boris Johnson was touching on a truth but he forgot to add that the culture created by rightwing global capitalism is the reason young men are alienated. We rely on the external symbol to objectify and sell. This is what sustains the myth of perpetual economic growth. Likewise the enemy is most comfortingly viewed as something separate – a symbol. Think about the almost unbelievable level of human depravity that emerged in Europe in the early twentieth century. In Hitler we had a focus for an idea of evil that needed wiping out but the energy that drove him was from a people who wanted revenge on the world for overlooking it. Revenge is not an evolved way of being and painful as it is to do so we need to move beyond it. To care for those who are here now. The young alienated jihadist wankers need to see humanity has the potential to be divine. It really does. To this end Vonnegut, a devout atheist,  spoke of how the Sermon on the Mount made him feel good to be a human. This passage is about evolving beyond base instinct. It's just a decision. We are all connected. Isis is Charlie.