Saturday, 26 April 2014

Cissbury Rings

Cissbury Rings

Personal best
Physical test
Mick the Fridge
Crossed the bridge
Antiques Assurance
Flog it
Pointless perfect general knowledge
Bingo lotto national prose drawer
Charity millions
Round the rugged rocks
Family fortune reruns
Record time
Pushed to the limit
Treatment works
Stinks to high heaven

So that’s all clear then
Classifieds Classified
Stasis ossified
Fall from grace
Eve suggested Adam
Plant the pips
Civilised Scene
Know what I mean?
Classified pools check
Makes the world navigable
You Infantile you
Bitesized chunking
Pointed bullets
Bounderied us
Down down deeper
Status quoted you
Trundled on unseen
Tongue hits the floor
Language falls from grace
Meaning is divine
Word is in decline
I jacked off
It’s all down hill from here
Jerry Halliwell Springer Maguire
A is for Apple pie
B is for Bluebeards castle
T is for the tip of my tongue
Inserted in your ears hole
Spelling and grammar
Is correct

Steering lock

So again and again I circle
Like a broken 
retired circus lion
Around the issue
The issue
Life is not like a game of monopoly
I used to think
That’s absurd
So I can’t be bothered with that
Then a quarter of a century on
I realise that yes it is
A board game
We need the fence to define
the freedom beyond the paddock
This is mine
Pink blue brown navy
Old boot steam iron candlestick
Time and space came into existence
Together atlasted
On the bus timetable of propagated wisdom
Sounds clever when you know how

I felt certain
 I was sure
Linguistic language
Part of the problem was
You’ve been paradoxed
Up I get at half past six
Catch myself in a mirror
Park at the station
Buy a ticket
From the ticket machine
Or the one concierge
Who will write you one
Saves getting the change
All the others obey the letter
I’ve been tempted to alter
The handwritten ticket
There lies the vapour
But she is leaving us
The last of the ticket writresses
Off to pastures green
I conject
No more tickets on the dash in
School girl loop escargot
You sir need organising
Steering clear of temptation
Escalier no cursive escape