Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fright fright fright

thanks for your sympathy
I called out
Across the cavern
To the figure on the stage

thanks for your support
Wrote the echo
Above the rushing swoosh
Of the underground stream

You can keep your bloody pacemaker
I yelled into the void
throwing down my jumpers
Feeling quite upset

That I let them bring me down here
To where there is no day
And the only sound is my pulse
Telling me to run away

Life can't be lump free

Life can’t be completely unlumpy
That’s easy for you to say
You mean without lumps?
One or two
The soul travels at the speed of a camel
The desert was a delight
The angels did sing.

Life can’t be without its ups and downs
That’s not for you to say
One for the road
Over the bridge
Hold onto your knickers
The moors were in my mind
The angels did sing

Life can’t be lump free
Without lumpy bits
Bacon ham and sausage
Oh and cigarettes
That’s the c word you know
Might be a Cyst
The ward was deserted

The angels did sing