Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Local funeral

Funeral The concertina organ ebbs and flows Fingers politely jostle on the keys A chord is resolved Breathe in and breathe out Softly stumble from the pew Feeling suddenly self-conscious Down the aisle now Touch the wood – what tree you wonder? Fingers catch on the varnish Hadn’t expected that Feel more self-conscious Caught out trying to be sagacious Body of Christ Amen Blood of Christ Christ Amen Eyes down body stutters back to pew Pack of tissues in left pocket Mother of dead school friend over right shoulder We always ask ourselves Who am I mourning? The cheerful old soul in the coffin? Body of Christ body of Christ body of Christ Christ the priest has a clip on mic Old chap in the box lived a good life Life and soul Lit up the room Photo in the order of service Glint in his eye I wipe away tears Who am I mourning? Missing mother of two boys? Her mum over my right shoulder How great thou art Filing out now down the aisle God let me be strong enough to listen She’s not in pain anymore The words stutter out So hard to catch them To really be brave enough to listen It’s your funeral Breath in Breathe out The concertina organ gurgles on Atonal moments pass apologetically Body of Christ body ofchristbodyofchrist We stammer on All somehow together under the same roof again We ebb and flow out onto the street Spreading like black ink on blotting paper Dissolving back into the stream