Monday, 18 September 2017

Boris and The Living Society

It started long before her term in office but Margaret Thatcher along with Ronald Reagan cemented the idea in the public's consciousness that if we keep our heads then a financial framework will make everything make sense. The hard working will be rewarded and wealth will trickle down creating a balanced and harmonious… harmonious er… You see she said there is no such thing as society. I’m reminded of this by Boris’s revival of the £350,000,000 a day debacle. Yeah maybe we could spend all of that on the NHS but we will still be in a dark place. This is because the framework has made everyone and everything into an abstract contract. A remote means of communicating. I mean money was invented so one didn’t have to actually meet the person you were making the exchange with. You know the one I’ve got a chair and I want a saucepan but you want a chair but have a vase.  Money helps this scenario. But like a glacier carving out valley money has steadily built a deeper and deeper rift. Yes yes its useful but we need to take back control of human relations otherwise no amount of money will fix anything. High taxes are a leftist cliché but what high taxes actually do is relay the message that we are all connected and that if you would rather not be very rich rather than very very rich you have failed to see where your money came from in the first place – society. We are all mutually interconnected and have a responsibility to each other because that is where everyone’s living comes from. Boris is from the House of Thatcher and still believes that the abstract (seriously loaded) financial framework is the way humans connect not an actual living breathing society.