Wednesday, 26 August 2015

in the terminus

26th August 2015 20 past seven in the morning. It is or rather was but still might be a peculiarly grey affair. The day that is if that is indeed what you prefer to call the space between rising and getting back therein. Answers on a birthmark you need not replay straight faced but anything you fail to mention will be charged directly to your bedroom. 

I would also like to reminisce you that grey gets a hard time in the black and white and read all over realm of the Corby music press. Grey is the colour, indeterminate is the name and any unknown fool knoweth this poses a threat to the AC/DC types in power. How can that be I hear you ask when both are ambivalence incarnate. Well well well I see you but I can’t hear you and as so much of my schtick is based on memory and precognitive judging I’ll leave my appearance this morning at that.

Well I’m Sir Prized to be finally receiving my metal. Sur Lee you dial my no.? I’m not a big fan of dancing let alone calling people names when I can’t see them let alone be close enough to put mud in their drinks. Oh I am eternally sorry sire but me thinks a small miss understanding stated you are well aware of lady goodwood’s behaviours and how do you expect a disc jockey such as I to survive without recourse to single measures? After all is Sadie and done we’ve strayed to far from the garden of Eden path by fault of no nuns but at the Eden of the diesis no one is innocent. Well well well you say that but ladles and jelly spoons in the vicinity would indicate mirror signal manoeuvre in no particular order. I see I see I see my dog just lamped guy Fawkes. That is cheating good luck to you.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Listen to Brian

The problem with Brian and Richard and all the other ultra intelligent rationalist atheists is that whilst they understand that yeah there is wonder and awe to be found in the cosmos and quantum mechanics, they still understand perception and thought in pre-Newtonian mechanistic modes - this is this is that. This goes there. That goes here. It stands to reason that if the Universe, which we are now beginning to understand scientifically speaking is created by our observing it, can be deeply mysterious and contradictory then so can human perception and understanding. For me belief is like a quantum thought experiment. If I know there is a god then there is one or rather one enters into being and equally in turn out of being. However, the greatest paradox and stumbling block between Bri and Dick and those of a cosmic bent is that belief is not binary because it comes from a space before we start to schematize thought into either or compartments. So in short – human thought and perception needs to be afforded equal awe as particles or there is a danger that tub-thumpers and fundamentalists will take over religion and the role of ritual as embodiment of metaphor will be forever lost. Oh what’s that? They have already?

This is the mechanistic view of the world created by the left brain. It is fundamentally flawed to view the brain's hemispheres as having different roles. They do the same things in different ways. The left gives us ultra specific focus, which is what has enabled so much to be achieved scientifically speaking through rigorous processing of data but the right hemisphere gives us the whole rich tapestry into which we can set this data and give it meaning. Meaning is life not a specimen.