Sunday, 14 September 2014

Remains of the Morning

Stay here a while

Don't just get up and go

Be with me here

In the soft morning light

Listen with me now

Hold onto this moment

A moment or two longer

That's it you're doing great

Its easy once you hang

BE not afraid

I'm not going to bite your arm off

My toilet door is always open

Now see what you made me do

Staying here with you

Settle back down

And let you thoughts drift past

On the bank to the east

you're a natural oarsman

I've got the rudder

Being cartel not to oversteer

Private land no mooring.

Sign it says

We'll disembark here then

If that's alright you with

Certainly 'll tie it up carefully

Seaman might like to use as day bed the boat

Good daylight sleep tight

Wake me up when I'm pinching

Sweet dreams my Prince

Peace don't you want to kiss

Kismet Hardy

Don you feel paralysed

I'm not sure I could spell it even.

Smell that again

I could hardly see what you were saying

I smelt that its fine

If you don't trust me

Oh that's fine

I thought I caught the whiff.

Better fate that never.

Happiness Is A Cigar Shaped Hamlet

Stay the right side of the fence

Do not walk on the grass

These two simple rules

Will help you

On your request for sanity

I'm surrey Obviously I meant happity

Dumped I?

Get me. the word is Normality

(be resumes in church service)