Monday, 26 September 2011

free fall

Still got shingle in my shoes
From saint Margarets
As I step from the train doors
My parachute of text books
Carefully packed on my back
Down into the city we descend
A strip of grey against the stark bright sky.
Like a swarm of bees on the horizon
In a cartoon riffing on the follies
Of urban man
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

healthy eating

Reduced sodium and fat is it seems healthy eating. In some cultures eating and food preparation are central to a joined up unified experience of life but here in the united states of mackie dee life is so fragmented our only hope is the first lady campaigning to get restaurants to reduce the salt and fast in the food. We need to be educated to follow the guide lines watch our calories because we pretend society is equal. When you see a bbc documentary suggesting that the worlds's poorest people have a long way to go until they are like us whilst a whole extended family gleefully tuck into baked aubergine with a handful of cumin and other spices you have to wonder. The more civilised we become the more divorced we are from living.
First Lady Michelle Obama: "Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice" | The White House
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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Marshal mcluhan was inspired. This doesn't mean everything he said was gospel. I think some of what he had to say about visual image making was a little off track. He believed in short that outline was closer to our primal sense of perception than the post renaissance obsession with light and shade. I believe here he is intuiting the idea that in byzantine art the surface was a manifestation of something awesome and ineffable beyond it. My problem is that now outline is part of the surface world of The Label. The quality he is grasping for is not defined by whether or not it is outlined or not but whether or not it is felt and not preconceived.
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

white feather

As I lay on the eight foot
In diameter trampoline
Engulfed by her netted walls
Staring down the wishing
Well of infinity curve blue
A small white cloud
Was dropped
Into the azure field of my vision
Whereupon it became
A tiny fluffy white feather
Thousands of miles above the earth
Falling silently
Like a weightless bullet
Onto the tip
Of my right big toe.
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Saturday, 3 September 2011

let's get lost

With my monthly phone bill going up and up I decided to get a smart phone and a tariff I would find harder to go over. Oddly enough this has kept my bills down. Hidden within my telephonic box of delights is a sat-nav system so without going out of my way (ho ho) to do so I have now become a minor user of this wonder of the age.
 A good friend is reading a book on getting lost and how we are becoming increasingly immune to its value as an experience. Or so I conject. I think you can see where this is going but my sat-nav allowed me so re-aquaint myself with the forgotten pleasures of getting lost within a safe perimeter. Although I have always considered that sat-nav as an extension of man that reduces our ability to rely on instinct and further removes us from our sensory environment, I in fact found that my first use of the devise brought me closer to my instincts. Returning home from the brilliant Supernormalfestival I activated my navigation Ap which promptly launched me off across country in the opposite direction to the road I had taken the day before when dropping a friend at the nearest mainline station. My battery, sensing the fun to be had, swiftly died and I was left to guess which way I thought the motorway was. I was in effect lost and it was rather thrilling. Due in no small part to the fact that I had half a tank of petrol, unlike another time when I took the family into a seemingly parochial woods only for it to take on the backwaters of, ooh I dunno Transylvania? the further below zero the petrol gauge went.
 On the next family outing having extolled its values we fired up the sat nav. My wife soon refered to it as that American Bitch but we all caught on that "slide right" was infact "slight right". Due to its American preference for feet and not yards or even fractions of miles we found ourselves caught in a loop driving around a particularly nondescript retail area one-way system. It was then, turning my obvious mistake into a positive, I began to lecture my sons on the importance of listening carefully to precise distances even those suggested by a machine. The sat-nav, the extension of man most likely to erode our sense of a 360 degree environment had in fact given me the lea-way to trust my instincts and actually engage with the space I was passing through. How much of this was a result of malfunction and my own misuse of the technology is hard to say but if you have it free on your phone its definitely worth a whirl. 
     My phone wants me to install all my contacts on its google service and let me know this by deleting all the contacts I had on its internal memory. See that'll learn you not to back them up to my world-wide brain type memory devise it chirruped. Still since then I have had to reboot the whole system as the phone was behaving erratically in other tasks and upon doing so found that my sat-nav had become robotic/English as opposed to suprisingly realistic sitcom style American. It now talks in terms of yards and fractions of miles. This makes for a far better working relationship although recently she did have to defer to my greater knowledge of the West Crawley environs.

Friday, 2 September 2011

sensitive material - read eyes only

Charles Hitchcock reached for his pen and began scribbling furiously.
So here it is the system. If you are good with figures and the abstract qualities of money due to a deficit in imagination and/or empathy then you will succeed in business and financial matters. If you are somehow so unaware of your connection to humans around you and place no value on inter-relations and problem solving then you will succeed in management. Result - the non-empathetic leftbrain thinkers make all the decisions concerning how we solve the problem of the swathes of people alienated by this system whilst remaining wholly unaware of the swathes of alienated and literally impoverished people who don't happen to have a financial mindset.
      It suits the financially gifted to foster a non tactile, abstract culture because this is how money works. Thus the non abstract thinkers forget their gifts in other more tangible areas. Abstract thinking in numerical values is rewarded in a grossly disproportionate manner. If you complain you need to get on your bike. We talk about survival of the fitest and evolution as if we haven't evolved into free thinking beings. Its like a trump card in "The game of life" - your neighbour finds a loop hole in the law and charges you ground rent thus doubling your outgoings. Oh well we sigh he's good with money.
This is not an advocation of smashing the system more a note that it helps to be aware that you are nursing the left brain greedy bozos through life and to try not to let it get to you. Find wealth in the riches around you not the shiny trappings of success. Well.
He leant back on his chair sucking the end of his pen. Suddenly he felt himself flying backwards and his head smacked against the concrete floor. "Haven't you got statistics to be modularising?" boomed the shadowy figure looming above him.