Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reliable Unreliable narrator

I am very grateful to one Bill Ectric for pointing me in the direction of his article on Strindberg. It is utterly enthralling. I recommend you read it post haste. Bill was kind enough to ask me about my work for an interview on his blog. Fans of David Devant may be interested in his latest post on the recently rediscovered film The Magician. I used to think I had aspirations to being some kind of polymath until I checked out the links at the side of Bill's page. Now I see I'm more of a dabbler. Toe in the ocean and all that. But as I used to say a little knowledge goes a long way. Reading about Strindberg was a revelation because it sounds like he freed himself from the expectations for literature to remain one side of fictional divide. When I wrote The latch last month I felt I had crossed a threshold and had leapt onto a horse far too wild for my wriding abilities. I think I just about managed to hold on though.
Bill Lectric's novel, Tamper, seems simply irresistible too. I mean what better recommendation than this blurb can there be?...
"If you like secret panels and
passages, pulp magazines like 
Amazing Stories, Fate, Weird 
Tales, and Argosy, Aldous Huxley's 
The Doors of Perception, 
small-town childhood escapades 
reminiscent of Jean Shepherd's A 
Christmas Story, Tom Wolfe's 
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and 
arcane historical fiction, Tamper 
is your kind of book."
Here's a picture of August Strindberg to prod your synapses. Not sure I've ever seen a photograph more full of narrative potential.

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  1. I want to travel back in time and give Strinberg a 1959 Gibson ES-330 electric guitar with a 1960 Fender tube amp and challenge him do draw out the howling thunderstorm spirits at high volume. God knows what he might play.

    Hey, Mikey. Thank you for your kind words.