Pimico and the seamonkey tadpole people

Once upon a time there was a race of sea monkey tadpole people who lived in the deepest depths of an ocean. Of course they did not know it was an ocean as they lived in it. And they didn’t think it was deep or dark for that matter either. One day a young sea monkey like tadpole boy called Pimico was out collecting different shells from the sea bed (gathering beautiful shells was a favourite pass time of the tadpole seamonkey people) when he came across a wall of rock that he had never seen before. It was covered in lots of plants and shells that he had never seen before. He was amazed and filled with delight as he began to make his way up the rock collecting such a wild array of delicate discarded mollusc homes as he went. I will have the best shell collection in the whole of seamonkey tadpole world he mused in a non-verbal blur. His lack of understanding of literate forms of communication did not stop the joy rising through his body with each new delightful specimen that he acquired.
He had never gathered shells with such vigour before and soon he began to grow tired. He leant back on a boulder clutching his hoard and decided to nod off. The large rock however slid gently backwards and Pimico tumbled backwards and found himself falling into a cave inside the edifice. Pimico panicked and splashed about. Suddenly he became aware of a strange splashing sound and coming to his senses he noticed globules flying past his eyes. He looked down and saw that he was half submerged in a thick see-through shiny substance. He brought his flipper arm around to try and shovel the strange stuff away and was mesmerised to see more glistening globules flying past his eyes. Soon he was splashing away and laughing to himself in delight at the strangeness of realising he had not fallen into the substance but fallen out of it. And he was still breathing. Shaking his head gently and sighing half with relief, Pimico, sat back and began to place his shell hoard on the rocks beside him, savouring with pleasure the way they looked next to each other in patterns. Realising the time he plunged into the glistening gloop he had recently emerged from and headed home.
 Pimico soon began to return to the cave and spent hour upon hour arranging his fascinating shell collection. He took his family to see it and word of its mesmeric qualities soon spread. Seamonkey tadpole people began to gather in the cave to compare shell patterns and before long they had grown used to being outside of the glistening substance. Over the weeks it seemed that the seamonkey tadpole community was moving home to the inside of the cave. Only certain of their number retained the ability to dive back into the glistening gloop from wherest they came. The collecting of shells became harder and so they turned their attention to categorising those that they already had. Pimico was amongst the first to start scratching marks in the soft sandstone to remind him of which shell went where. Over the seasons the displays of shells grew more and more uniform and grid like and the marks that served as reminders grew more and more elaborate. The seamonkey tadpole people were rightly very proud of their displays and the drip feed of new shells slowed down so they were able to keep a good sense of order to them. Pimico even began to invent tunes to help him and the saemonkey tadpole community to remember the different names. He no longer felt the need to return to the glistening gloop and to his initial surprise found his body changing. One morning after sleeping in the cave (as most of the community now did) he found that he had proper limbs and tiny wiggly appendages at the end of them, which were ideal for manipulating the shells into more and more complex arrangements.
  As time went by Pimico felt a little sad that most of the seamonkey tadpole people could no longer go and look for shells so he decreed in his role as elder that a shell corridor be built leading into the depths so that they could once more look out into the realm from wherest they had emerged all those years ago. With their newly evolved limbs this task was much easier than they would once have believed possible and soon a tunnel was constructed that reached far down into the glistening gloop. Over time the gloop wore away at the shells, which became transparent. To this day the monkey people (they are no longer sea or tadpole) like to wander along its length pondering how they might one day come to under stand the dark eternity beyond its shimmering circumference. 


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