e-con-yer-money (Andrew Cooper's phrase not mine - not I )

So we all know now that the economy is a belief system and is as equally valid as homeopathy. Homeopaths don't tend to give themselves millions of pounds in bonuses at the expense of national misery. Money it seems has become too abstracted. Too rooted in the left brain. Money allows the Exchange of specialised services which is all well and good but it is surely no coincidence that we live in an age of over specialisation. The problem with an homogeneous single currency is that it takes money further away from the identity and ideas of a nation. It's also less fun when traveling. More convenient but less engaging. We are as a result disengaged from money. Hence lots of abstract debts. Can you imagine if fishermen kept all the best fishes for themselves? They would soon rot. So is money rotting? It certainly smells like it.
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