Old Poem

Sometimes I feel like a broken tap splurging untreated sewage. At other moments I feel elated with the rush of creative juices geezering around me. Mmm. So to speak. The following is a poem salvaged from my  OS 9 mackintosh. It is grim but I think the overall message (Really) is that we need to accept responsibility. The apportioning of blame seems to me to be a very English devise. I see david Cameron in his Big Society sitting on the throne chair in a forest clearing telling everyone how the bad people who did these bad things will be punished and then we will all be alright. Dostoyevsky lies spinning in an unmarked grave nearby. Humans are all responsible for each other. Right? Love is what remains of us. Well enjoy.

Don't Blame Me

Who me?
looks from side to side
No mate
You've got the wrong man
Guv its a fair cop
Thats a quote from an advert
Not the truth
I was in all night with me mum
The dog ate my homework
I was blinded by the light
I was blinded by your smile
It was a voice in my head
She was asking for it
nay gagging
it wasn't me
no i was home on me own
taking out the bins
when i heard what i thought
Was an urban fox caught in
His mates barb
Could have been the sound
of dying children I suppose
or was it the muffld guffaw
of the torturer?
sorry mate can't help ya
NO mate my friend
Someone else
I'm innocent
I'm free
i'm sleeping
I'm dead
(stoops to place rose on stone)


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