The universe is more like a giant thought than a machine. So spake James Jeans. Actually what he said was "The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter."
When asked if he thought life was an accident he stated that he was inclined to consider the material world a derivative of conciousness and not the other way around. I am inclined to consider the two to exist in tandem. There is no linearity - no cause and effect. We know observation changes the spin of an electron. This is scientific fact. But is it not worth remembering that scientific fact is always just the edges of our current perimeter of knowledge?
This morning I had the sense that what we experience is what we believe we are experiencing. Einstein described reality as a closed watch and I had the feeling that I had somehow managed to peek into the partially open inscribed back. Upon doing so I supposed that I glimpsed the cuff of a stage hand scrabbling to correct an obvious error in the plot continuity. My wife had brought me a cup of tea in bed because I had over slept. I noted the cups presence and dozed for a few minutes more. I got up and found that the tea was now luke warm. Thus in a still dream like state I found my way to the microwave oven and placed the mug in the devise for thirty seconds. Ping. When I removed the cup I found it was now not the same vessel. I had placed one of the narrow ridged mugs in the machine and now I was holding an I heart Mr Solo Mug (another 8 of which are in a box under the bed). The obvious explanation is that in my slumbers I had projected a version of the mug in my minds eye - based perhaps a previous instance of being brought a cup of tea in bed. I was still too comatose to properly engage with the cup in my hand, despite having placed my fingers in the liquid to test the temperature. Then the ping of the microwave acted like a hypnotists trigger to bring me back to my everyday senses whereupon I truely saw the mug as it had been all along.
      Or in another parallel universe my other self was presented with the narrow ridged mug that the cosmic stage hand had absent-mindedly switched. My other self is now counting the I heart  Mr. Solo mugs of which he is certain he has nine in total. I know this sounds trivial but when the mug was revealed it genuinley felt like a badly spliced movie. You know the kind of blooper dished up to hilarious effect on you-tube, "now see how when Georgeson opens the microwave he removes an entirely different mug!"
It got me thinking that a man taking this dream state into the conscious world could start to effect the life he led. Perhaps he might not even realise he had take the dream state into the conscious world. Perhaps the dream state is the conscious world. Matter and mind as one.
This blog was meant to be a short note to myself about how I feel the ec0-gnomic trouble in Greece is due to our firm belief in systems and not soul. Soul is local. When the Greek economy was based on their own currency it reflected the specifics of the nation. It embodied their attitude to life but the uniformity of the system has robbed them of identity. It is a system imposed from without. Money after all is meant to be a symbolic manifestation of assets. To my non economic brain it seems obvious that such a codefied system is so unsuitable that it can only collapse eventually. I feel genuinely angry for the Greek people. I'm sure there are progressive Greek people who probably think I'm an idiot (Greek Joke) but. But! Money must serve culture not the other way around. Money could be a material manifestation of ideas. But now its the cerebral manifestation of power.


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