Ode to pain

Ode to Fibromyalgia

That creeping cosmic dread
That dim half-remembered presence
That shadowy mysterious woman
That delicious agony
The sumptuous pain
You came in through the kitchen side door
So softly that I didn’t hear the latch
And then as I stood washing the doing up
You stood there gently breathing down my neck
Until you spread yourself down my right arm
Slowly emanating the stain of a warm buzz
Through my entire total human organism
Before I knew you were back in my life
Keeping me up at night
Going all hours like a bride groom’s speech
But still I told myself
It was me not you
It wasn’t the old you I knew
This was another thing, a normal one
Tearing me a new one slowly but surely
Until I realise my head is out of my firmament
And you have returned
In your best Goyaesque black dress
A veil floating over your face
But it’s you alright
Come to take be back but first
We dance a gentle merry jig around the room
Still it’s not you I insist
No no it’s all new I say
I’m feeling better already


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