Monday, 14 December 2015

The tooth

His Whole Tooth

I felt the fiver rustle between thumb and forefinger
As I padded into your bedroom
Preparing to make the switch
A note would be easy to slide across the sheet
Want a smooth operation 
if this to be my last tooth-based transaction
I could picture the paper under the pillow
You always were a good sleeper

Mum is out with the girls
So I’m standing in for the stand in tooth fairy
Swaying in the shadows
The bathroom light is on of course
I wait to see if you are going to stir
Then I slide my hand underneath
Below the soft rock I crawled from under

Your head rests on a rock for a pillow
As you dive into you dreams
Deep inside an octopuses garden
You are sleeping like a wreck
On bottom bunk submerged in inky darkness.
But I can’t find the tooth
My hand scuttles like a skittish crustacean
Fleeing a divers torch light
Then there it is glinting
The jewel stashed in a hole in the reef

I slide the note along the silky sand
Five pounds seems a lot to pay
But it could be the last time
Mum is out on the town with the tooth fairy
Having a pre-Christmas drink
Mum always goes out with her friends
more than you dad
But I’ve got a fiver that says she’ll be home tipsy
And now I have your molar
So delicate in the hollow of my palm

I steal out of your room
Satisfied I’ve made a good deal
Then back downstairs to find the tin
Where I keep my memory sticks
I prize open the lid
And release the chewing gum sized enamel drop
Onto the bottom with a little rattle
It will stay here until I’m old and grey
The last of your milk teeth
I squeeze the lid back on
And place the tin back by my bedside
In the morning you will be five pounds richer
And I will be non the wiser
Mum will soon to be home
From her night out on the tiles
I want to be sleeping when she comes in
Or at least pretending to be

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