Sunday, 6 September 2015

Know this much

How did we get to a stage where we don’t know we don’t know?
I don’t know but I can hazard a guess.
We are never more than one click from a fact
We live in an age where data is king
Data is processed
Learning to process data is learning
One minute I was in a realm of limitless possibilities
The next we’re running out of clouds to store our unlimited knowledge
I know this sounds unhinged
But the brooms are running amuck.
The door of binary certainty is open or shut
It will never never close again

It’s not even funny
I mean have we read We?
George Orwell did
We managed to turn that into a cctv camera
A husk of the original longing.
Rational is holy
Rational is clean and good.
Actually what we mean is certain
This void of real meaning has been filled
By chancers, fakes and quacks
Which makes it easy for rationalists
To step up like Obrien and say
There there let rationalism save you now
Rationalism is the pre-Newtonian idea of knowledge
Facts are building blocks.
Things move to their rightful place
An apple moves to where it belongs.

The fact that we now know for a fact that
The Universe is officially supernatural
Is neither here nor there
Leave that to the wide-eyed rationalists
Who understand
Except they just see on or off.
Spooky action at a distance is a fun fact.
Chomsky’s psychic continuity a fizzy treat.
Non-rational is bad and dirty
Homeopathic sexual you.
Wasting taxpayers money
Funding facts. Fact funding.
Budgets budgets budgets
See they fund microcosmic essence of owl
Rationalism wins.

Can’t take more refugees
We don’t have the budget in our hearts
Get out of the lecture room if you can’t stand the kitchen
It’s paid for by the hour
Except we are charging ourselves
Oh I see. Online technology made this possible.
Honestly a lecture room is charged
by the university to the university
That is rational
Our hearts are quantifiable
Charity totalers surge up and we cheer
Only now can we see how much we care.
Rational rational rational.

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