be afraid, be very afraid

So the debate goes like this
We had the scaremongers about the industrial revolution
But we got through that didn’t we!?
So this hollowing out of the middle class
Is nothing to worry about
We’ll all still have things to do
When the jobs of educators are digitally outsourced
Drones can drone and clones can clone
That’s how the argument goes
Holy shitting fuck
We are still stuck on the riff that we are complex machines
Mechanisms – cause and effect
The A grade students
The quiet reasonably hard working ones
Who are good at the secretarial skills
Get bumped up the ladder

Then we go
Ooh oh noo look people are alienated and doing very bad things
Better do a survey
Better collate data
Then process the data and carry on believing in the plan
We’ll all still have things to do
When life is a series of abstract decimalised codes
The cynics can still find time to guffaw
At believers in the ineffable serendipity of love
Yes so you see we got through the industrial revolution
We can get through this hollowing out
We no longer need to have a place for complex stories
We’ll get through this
And emerge and you know what
We’re all in this together.


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