this and that

And and and and this this this
Or or our or that that that
I am asking myself
Is the issue the same issue
Over and over and let over
In our intellectual exuberance
We have pulled the legs off one by one
Then when someone makes a dumb show
Of what putting them back on
Might be like we release polite gasps
Oh that is what the feeling might be like
Artists talking about Velazquez
As if that relays a transmissible quality
Yes yes yes yes yes is is is indeed
These guys the guys guys of guys
Knew those ones etcetera
I I I I I sorority
Robert smudging Smithson
Are you ingested in ability
Are you interested in archiology? 
A voice like watching snow melt
Do drop do do drop
Psyche Mikey crikeydo
The levels the levels
Threshold what about now?
Language is a patriarchal structure
This limited framework is one you are evading
The vision of the absurd, 
Be clear about your intention to not be clear about your intentions
Specific ity
Specific ity
Igmar B ergment film

First and foremost we want to be seen as intelligent


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