Cissbury Rings

Cissbury Rings

Personal best
Physical test
Mick the Fridge
Crossed the bridge
Antiques Assurance
Flog it
Pointless perfect general knowledge
Bingo lotto national prose drawer
Charity millions
Round the rugged rocks
Family fortune reruns
Record time
Pushed to the limit
Treatment works
Stinks to high heaven

So that’s all clear then
Classifieds Classified
Stasis ossified
Fall from grace
Eve suggested Adam
Plant the pips
Civilised Scene
Know what I mean?
Classified pools check
Makes the world navigable
You Infantile you
Bitesized chunking
Pointed bullets
Bounderied us
Down down deeper
Status quoted you
Trundled on unseen
Tongue hits the floor
Language falls from grace
Meaning is divine
Word is in decline
I jacked off
It’s all down hill from here
Jerry Halliwell Springer Maguire
A is for Apple pie
B is for Bluebeards castle
T is for the tip of my tongue
Inserted in your ears hole
Spelling and grammar
Is correct


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