Art Raffle @Paper Dress 15 Feb

The Art Raffle is almost upon us and I wanted to record all the items available as prizes. I should also mention that a fantastic tombola has been made for the event by Iain McCallum's friend Mark David Gray. It is a thing of beauty and will, no doubt, spur us on to instigate more and more Art raffles for Kids Co.
So if you come to Paper Dress this Saturday you will see two bands - Simon Love and The Olde Romantics PLUS Mikey Georgeson and the Civilised Scene - all free!
the Raffle (tickets probably about £3-5) contains the following Art Works :

Action Painting Action Man – Elemental Epiphany 2014 Acrylic on Canvas

Melissa Alley – Empress – Body Colour on Paper 2014

Eddie Argos  - Annotated book of Lyrics 2014

Jackie Clark – Drawing untitled 2014

Sarah Doyle – Biopic Marilyn Triptych – body colour on paper 2014

Emma Edmondson – I Never Promised You A Rose Garden – Mixed Media

Tinsel Edwards – Big Fish Eats Little Fish – Signed Print 2014

Mikey Georgeson – Felicitas – Acrylic on Canvas 2014

Paul Good and Kirsty Wood – Our Greatest Pain in life is that we will never get to see ourselves play live. Signed ltd ed. Print with authentication Cert
John Hegley – Peace, Love and Potatoes with Annotated Book Mask 2014

Alex Kapranos - Cook Book signed to Mister Solo

Calum F. Kerr – Mallard Confidential report 43 (The Subject may have a lead)
                        Coot Confidential Report 943 (Coot Preening during interrogation)
Both laminated for outside investigations

Daniel Lehan – Save our Sheds  - drawing on brown paper

Lee Maelzer – Signed phototype print urban high-rise

David Martin – Digital Drawing – David Crushing Rubens 2014

Ryan Mcclelland Pug and Goat – 2 signed linocuts
                        Believe in an Alternative – Screen Print

 Joanna McCormick – Moontime Amalthea – Mixed Media on Board

Martin Pickles – Lie Detector Video Storyboards Signed

Team Beswick and Pye – Camila – Acrylic on Canvas – Framed 2014

Tecklenberg and Georgeson – Urban Arboretum Bird Box 

Sarah Sparkes – Love Me tender – Original Collage 2014

Julian Wakeling – Refracted Interior Untitled Signed photographic print

Tisna Westerhof – British Standards – Etching AP
                                    Ltd Ed Delft Tile in Box Glazed Frame
Emma Edmondson - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Camila - Team Beswick and Pye
Marilyn Triptych (detail) Sarah Doyle


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