Shoe laces

A Pair of Laces

In the end it was easy
Do you sell laces?
Trying not to wince
Fully expecting the negative response
Having already given the premises an inspection.
But no sooner had the words sounded
Then there they were
On top of the glass counter
Inside a shallow box
Once used to store cognac miniatures
Between the gum and the flapjacks
An assortment of various
Widths, lengths, textures and colours
The expression of the girl at the till
Seemed to tell me she
found my enthusiasm ironic
somewhat unbelievable
It’s been a bit of a quest
I explained beaming
Finding a pair of laces
Yes I can tie them
But I’ve been trying to find a new pair.
My shoes have lasted well
The soles welded tight
As I walked unlaced
Head bowed examining the feet of strangers
For signs of renewal
There just isn’t the call for it I surmised
There’s no business in laces
No local shop seem prepared to take a stance
To provide a service
Was I seeking laces or no laces?
A confirmation of my view
That target-based culture had purged
Our shelves of this functional appendage
I now see the girl at the till
All alienated Bar at the Folie Bergere
Beers champagnes tangerines and shoelaces


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