Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Note to Self

We continue to ask how does it work? Is this not like a white imperialist receiving a beautifully carved shrine then sending it for analysis instead of trusting. Ah faith is the dunces hat of rational Britain. Did we learn nothing from TV episodes of Star Trek about the limits of rational thought? Placebo is the placebo escape hatch of the enlightened. We are still stuck on Freud - analysing away the monster under the bed. How about befriending the monster under the bed? Artists on telly are psychopaths - cue close up of overly slick facsimile of mad elaborately filled leather bound sketchbook. We still want to stare ourselves into oblivion. Analysing your own consciousness puts me in mind of a table rapper unable to hear the dead spirit screaming in his ear but still giving a very convincing performance of channeling. A teddy is not a real creature but we don't tell the child that because that would be idiotic. A child understands different levels of consciousness in a way that as adults we are urged to leave behind for fear of mental illness. This has the reverse effect on our culture. Our culture is mentally ill. Art (popular culture) is no longer voice of the collective unconscious (as Jung suggested) or if it is our unconscious has left the planet or retreated very far into the depths (Shaver mysteries). Art now is the voice of a slightly patronising, occasionally very enthusiastic data processor. THis note to self shall self destruct in ten seconds. Sent from my HTC

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