Thursday, 25 October 2012

Electricity comes from other planets

The great T.V. experiment of the late twentieth century is over.
That little white dot on your screen
Has finally popped
Will fix it
Not even a good slap on the side with an open palm
The static is no more
The furthest reaches of the cosmos are on the brink
Of being mapped
Front rooms are all arse about tit
As partners unwind
Furiously masterbating in downstairs bathrooms
Over hard core clips
Civilisation is completely completed
The great television adventure has ended
Roll the credits, cue the music
Prepare not to dance
There is no more darkness
Only blinding light
And retina burning displays
Oh come back Neolithic Marshall
Join me in the forest of the night
And let us go then you and I
Hiding together
Ready to leap out when
Next there is a power cut.

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