Okay Hirst is part of the artist as lone individual genius picture. A shark savagely devouring weaker rivals. My hunch is that at Goldsmiths they train em up like pitbulls hanging from branches by their teeth. Two things created ybas. One is tutors saying explore your identity. Your obsession. You are unique. The other is the tired idea that anything can be art if the artist says so. This is duchamp as Buddha. The YBAs were not radical free thinkers like say those of arte provera. They were good students fed on steaks and steroids. Good students mimic the ideas presented by their tutors and disguise this enough to make it communicate an idea of originality without unsettling the tutor because it goes beyond the limits of their personal art cage. Damien Hirst talks about the power of juxtaposition to create something new but this is simply the talk of nineteen eighties ad men. Hirst's is a hermetically sealed world - all of it a teenage boy's over blown Vanitas.

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