Agnostic Anglican

Richard Holloway is a Christian Agnostic and this got me thinking. I mean everyone's talking about secularism versus faith right now. I have never seen so many comments on an article. Mind you religion brings the zealot out in us. I like point about the Agnostic Anglican. It has a nice ring to it. From where I'm sat it seems clear that our spiritual selves are seen as an embarrassment even to believers. We (civilised) humans have come so far on intelligence alone that we feel we can leave our deeper perception of life behind. Agnostic Anglicans and their like try to present belief as an adjunct to the rational. An egg laid by reason's hen. I don't feel confident about us realigning the two experiences of life when I see the either or options we present ourselves with. 
Technological advancement has required intense objective activity but not all of us can maintain Einstein's empathy for a faith based on doubt (wonder!) when we subject ourselves to this process. Come on! we the members of the civilised scene place ourselves outside of the observed object. We are articulated calibrating machines. If you take this as the starting point for belief it will lead to a distorted version of spirituality at best and a psychosis (as increasingly seems to be the case) at worst. Schitzophrenics experience their own thoughts as outside of themselves due to an over awareness which routes their perception in the left brain. This over awareness could be seen as the inverted commas that seem to hover over all of the civilised world.
Religions are not immune to this and they "behave like any other worldly individual or organisation and end up doing what protects their secular interests".


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