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Charles Hitchcock reached for his pen and began scribbling furiously.
So here it is the system. If you are good with figures and the abstract qualities of money due to a deficit in imagination and/or empathy then you will succeed in business and financial matters. If you are somehow so unaware of your connection to humans around you and place no value on inter-relations and problem solving then you will succeed in management. Result - the non-empathetic leftbrain thinkers make all the decisions concerning how we solve the problem of the swathes of people alienated by this system whilst remaining wholly unaware of the swathes of alienated and literally impoverished people who don't happen to have a financial mindset.
      It suits the financially gifted to foster a non tactile, abstract culture because this is how money works. Thus the non abstract thinkers forget their gifts in other more tangible areas. Abstract thinking in numerical values is rewarded in a grossly disproportionate manner. If you complain you need to get on your bike. We talk about survival of the fitest and evolution as if we haven't evolved into free thinking beings. Its like a trump card in "The game of life" - your neighbour finds a loop hole in the law and charges you ground rent thus doubling your outgoings. Oh well we sigh he's good with money.
This is not an advocation of smashing the system more a note that it helps to be aware that you are nursing the left brain greedy bozos through life and to try not to let it get to you. Find wealth in the riches around you not the shiny trappings of success. Well.
He leant back on his chair sucking the end of his pen. Suddenly he felt himself flying backwards and his head smacked against the concrete floor. "Haven't you got statistics to be modularising?" boomed the shadowy figure looming above him.


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