Three Men

three men try to gather
together using social networking technology

This goes on for a long time
It becomes slightly embarassing
And so one of them decides
Enough is enough an he
Writes to the other two
To say I am in bed
Do not disturb the trees
Do not walk on the glass
If at the end of this
you bring me the golden feather
then you can marry my wife
The other two
Sent into paroxysms of mental confusion
Agree to meet
To discuss what this could possibly mean.
The no longer bedridden riddler
Sits in a cafe opposite.
Sipping a campari
Hiding behind a copy of Le Nuts
He gets up and begins to walk over
But sadly (and I have forgotten why)
He falls down a sink hole
That happened to appear at that precise
Moment in Southwark.


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