0:0 Scale

Inspite of
The Trolley bagsying kerfuffle
The keeping up with the Jone's
The "I was a playschool assistant
before I retired"
The "Do you think I am being reasonable?"
The "you (the AA man) were quicker than calling an ambulance"
The withered academic who never holds your gaze
The England 2 India zero mob
The coins dropped into a pint glass bar game antics
The not on my manor-ness
The bring your kids up to be respectful
The professional looking hiker sandals
I had a blissful time in a crinkled corner of Kent
Thanks in no small part to
The cycling along the front between the Ds
THe smell of aniseed from the weeds
The blurring early blackberries
The pebble dash
with the wind behind you
The flag in the breeze atop
The cottage castle (Queen mother's favourite)
The flash of firm thigh above the knees
The hour in the bay
Behind a windbreak
While the boys have a hack
is there nothing I lack?
The sight of Grandmas ghost having a paddle
With R and A sitting tall in the saddle
The mind coming to rest
In the heart's garrison
Beyond the range
of London's projectile comparison.


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