Afore thought

 ON leaving through the school gate today a lady offered me a "leaflet for our arty workshop". She may just aswell have said "a leaflet for our low guilt child care in the summer holidays". I tend to feel that the further away the "workshop" is the more guilty I feel.  I feel duty bound to earn more money to pay for their time in someone else's care. As a child I instinctively felt that being left to my own devises was a way of being arty. These days arty is prescribed. The aforementioned leaflet was on nice glossy paper so I was hopeful when I gave it a quick look. "welcome to the world of Harry Potter...". Really. Fantasy over imagination. Just think if Damien Hirst had gone to arty workshops we might have ended up with the current film influencing him. Jaws for instance. I jest. Here is a poem about my beautiful sons and my parental concerns.


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