I take it back

Harry potter is culturally more significant than the mafa goldsmiths show. There was a brilliant film in the goldsmiths ma show which set two parallel written narratives to death metal. One line from this stuck in my head. Hegel is stuck in abstraction. Philosophy quickly leads to over awareness. So why did no one (with two accidental exceptions) at the MA show stride over to the exit from the hall of mirrors and show us the way out? We must concede that the value of such an exhibition is either individual genius or potential monetary value. Narrative absorption is associated with entertainment and is therefore not valid in the serious art realm. It is treated as a laugh up the sleave joke.

I have just sat with a reverent audience through the last Harry Potter movie. Whilst the plot was written by an individual its relevance lies in the group endeavour that brought it to the screen. It was confused and only occasionally truly manifesting emotional depth but as a piece of art that acts as a conduit to human spirit it totally outstripped everything I saw at Goldsmiths. In the end harry is seen as a little englander parent sending his son off to boarding school. This served as a reminder that we must battle complacency everyday. All too often We go with the nihilistic flow knowing we are right to shun notions of something bigger than all of us. Perhaps the church of harry potter was attended to get kids into hogwarts?
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