Hobbesian Visual Bias

My Sowl is not the wisest part of me or
Even as I grow older and knowledge recedes
Can I cede that the sagacity I once yearned for
Is over the hill where yonder learned man bleeds.

Essentially is my sowl or essential-self present in my nonhuman qualities? 
Or am I an amalgam of perceived human cognitive concepts?
The idea that humans are selfish, mechanistisic individuals who must be governed is essentially a view created and reinforced by the mechanistic media (rooted in the visual bias), the proprietors of which benefit from this mechanised system being maintained (it is not a conspiracy but a self-maintaining system). To compensate for our misgivings and to quell any longings various periodical mechanisms are used to give us of a transient soothing sense of a surrogate connection to altruistic acts of shared imagination.


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