All right Alright

And then looking up at the golden arches
A thought didst cross his mind
But what if he thought
What if this is all alright
All right
Big Mac meals with black coffee
Jobs for all
Increased production
Scratch card prizes all round
This works if we stick to the plan
Instead of sticking it to the man
All of this makes perfect sense
Flat screen Nirvāna on chunky sofa
Skinny tie chic with tassled loafer
But the light is fading
He tries to re-conjure the pros
To living the dream
Or is that the wrong way around?
Salty french fries and
Perpetual economic growth with
Job creation and finally
Separation perfected
Life no longer unrefined
Nothing unfiltered or undesigned
Families happy with their meal
As peeling somehow loses its appeal
Yes lo he thought
What if this is all alright
All right. All right.


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