We could evolve.
This would need to be spontaneous
And simultaneous of course.
We all need to jump
off the edge of the world.
All at once
We could instantly forgive
Then turn to each other
in our transfigured state
laughing as we glance
at our glowing attire.
Laughing as we shake
Our heads in dis-belief
Gently breathing a sigh
Of Collective relief
Disbelieving the idea of civility
We had held so tightly
For so long
To our chests
Then slowly we could return
Back to our homes
And begin the process
Of clearing up.
We could evolve.


  1. Just realised that the style of this poem is to unlike a Milliband speech if you
    read it

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  3. Mr mikey.

    I'm kind of a "fan" of your projects.
    And i appreciate your music!!!!!

    I must add ,that i live in Chile.
    So, my english is terrible. :(

    A new lenguage, in order to communicate with you.

    Hope you understand what i mean.

    I should evolve right now.


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