360 degree horizonless environment

I was looking for the route to my son's football match at the weekend. it's on the way to Brighton as it turns out and I'm hoping that the soil will be well drained as they haven't had a match since Christmas. The other team South Downs Athletic or something play at Hurstpier Point and I wanted to make sure I would find the right turning so I clicked street view on google maps. Low and behold the turning was actually a motorway bridge. A motorway bridge! yes and you could walk over it in cyberspace. Think of all the bridges you've passed under speeding on your way to something important. Now you can go back and investigate what you missed.
This gif animation I made as a result of my rising sense of digital wonder has the satisfying element of time passing during an experience that is clearly outside of time's classification zones. There is also the giddy sense that the digital world, which is an extension of the fixed point perspective of the Renaissance and then the camera has led back to the 360 degree world of medieval humans. Or at least that's how it feels.
See for yourself


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