Will I Am vs William Parrell

Will I AM is allegedly not locked in a legal dispute over the copyright infringement of Pharrell William’s I Am Other brand. He is merely defending the territory of his trademark. I Am forms “a significant element” of Will I Am’s professional name according to his lawyer. All this self-assertion is confusing. It’s rather like being trapped in a mirrored elevator with the essence of ego incarnate. “I am I am no I am I am!” claim the new Spartans of popular culture with “entrepreneurial spirit. I AM what I Am? Does Will know about the Iams cat food range which may start getting all territorial tom cat on his ass seeing as he is potentially threatening the individuality of their registered trademark with a “confusingly similar” mark. In fact if they all just agreed to spray their territory it would be a lot simpler. “I am” it says in a non-verbal kind of entrepreneurial spirit. Yay it’s great that there are these free spirited people out there reminding us how individual we all really are. I know I am aren’t you? Sam was unavailable for comment also.


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