Candy Floss by Mikey Georgeson on Corporate Records

Candy Floss by Mikey Georgeson on Corporate Records
Mr. Solo AKA Mikey Georgeson with the whole beautiful wide screen Civilised Scene: On Drums Ben The Surgeon Handysides, on Bass Iain Duke 666 McCallum, on lead Guitar Simon Rare Breed Breed, on French Horn Nathan Mr Wolf Thomas, on Saxaphone Arec The Genius Koundarjian, on Guitar Simon Love Stone. These two songs were recorded in an eruption of psychic energy at Onecat Studios with Jon Clayton at the dials. Candy Floss radio edit was mixed by Luke Smith of Ulysses fame and the full version was crafted by the enigmatic Iain Duke McCallum. Daren Callow mixed the Civilised Scene's Revisitation of the Mr. Solo classic Industry. The twelve inch mix is by The Lavish Beast of Chiswick.
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