making things up

Obvious title really but it refers to the idea of doing or making something in order to think. Manet for instance thought through painting. Rodin thought through sculpting and drawing. William wegmann thinks through film making. Charles Dickens made up stories to himself. Nowadays the artist or pupil "thinks things up" due to the nature of accountability in funding. "Making things up" feels more resonant and relevant to mutual and connected experience. Having said this the ebb and flow between the mind's eye and the hand's action is a delicate force. The minds eye often seems to present the maker with a barrier to making. Likewise the making can develop sufficient momentum to obliterate the fragile web of initial inspiration. Put simply imagine you have a ball of clay. You could sit and think all day about what to make. This would be thinking up. Or you could pick the clay up and see what you make. This would be Making Up. Of course every creative process is a mixture of these two scenarios but it appears the muscle of the latter has withered to the point of redundancy.

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